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Entertainment in Cinema, Museum and Exhibition

3D-4D-5D Entertainment

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Entertainment in new Dimensions

How can you still inspire people today? How do you get their attention? Technology development and digitization are in constant growth, daily there are new devices and updates. People's expectations of their environment are growing: Speed, timeliness and special character are required. With flat screens, smartphones and the Internet, information and entertainment are available at all times "on demand". The need for intense and extraordinary experiences increases. Become innovative with PINKAU!

3D/ 4D/ 5D Cinema

A large screen, comfortable armchairs and popcorn are taken for granted today. People now expect more when they go to the movies. With the third dimension, the event is close enough to touch. Additional effects such as wind, water, fog or soap bubbles turn the movie experience into an event. The spectator enters the action with all his senses and feels as though he is in the middle of it all.



Because nature film places a strong emphasis on the visual experience, the third dimension makes it particularly vivid and real.



Standing in the film in the rain and in the cinema feel the raindrops: the cinematic experience can be experienced.

5D-Effekt Show

5D-Effect Show

Another physical component enhances the immersive movie experience: a motion platform sets the action in motion.

Content for 3D Entertainment

The third dimension gives depth to any content. What has long been used as an important tool in Hollywood is also finding an enthusiastic audience in Europe. Whether action film, impressive acting or the effect of nature in all its facets: 3D makes the flat movie screen a vivid experience.

„Not without reason, we have the ability to see stereo 3D. She made us better hunters, made us recognize predators earlier and escape from them. Why should not we use this heritage of hunter-gatherer times today at work, in leisure and entertainment, in short, wherever we visually experience the world?“ James Cameron, Director

„3D can do exactly what constitutes the core of cinema fiction: transporting people to another world, with a whole extra dimension.“ Not only the use as a pure attraction makes the value of 3D, but the possibilities of use as an artistic means, as a gain. Then 3D has a great future.
Wim Wenders, Director



The third dimension gives you the feeling of swimming in the ocean with parrot fish or groupers.



The technology of 3D provides the opportunity to restage historical events in the third dimension - history comes alive!



Impressive landscapes are presented in breathtakingly beautiful beauty - a journey for the senses!

Consulting, Planning and Efficiency

With PINKAU you have a highly qualified team for consulting, planning and production of your projects. Whether for entertainment or art and culture, for public institutions, museums, exhibitions, amusement parks or in advertising. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and contemporary design requires extensive complex decision-making processes.

Forward-looking Technologies

The new technology of the 3D allows unprecedented experiences in the field of stereoscopic perception.


Choosing the right medium and the right playback technology requires the use of 3D technology the logistic of consulting competent experts.


Our range of services also includes the professional installation of 3D technology into your media project.

Entertainment Solutions

Every project is different and yet it takes a good idea and individual planning. How can people get excited, how do you best implement the concept on the ground? From brainstorming to innovative and up-to-date technical implementation: with an entertainment solution tailored by PINKAU, you will give your project a sense of adventure.

Ozeaneum Tiefseetauchfahrt


In the Ozeaneum, the PINKAU production "Adventure Cruise Deep Sea" with original recordings of diving expeditions up to 4000 meters can be experienced.

Tauchgondel Ostsee

Diving Gondola

In the diving gondola the visitor experiences a dive without getting wet. PINKAU produced a 3D film about the Baltic Sea habitat.

Oceanis Wilhelmshaven


The German EXPO exhibition in 1998, which has been shown in Wilhelmshaven on the Bontekai for about 10 years, was relaunched by PINKAU.